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Rizhao liying machinery manufacturing co., LTD is located in sangyuan industrial park, ju county, rizhao city, shandong province. Set up in 1996, is a collection of research and development, production, economic and trade in one enterprise, the main production of general power machinery, plant protection machinery...
核心提示: 隨著農業機械化的普及,微耕機逐步走進農戶,農民使用微耕機來耕種管理田園,省時省力方便快捷,微耕機不受地理條件的限制,投資也不大相當于一輛電動車的價格,微耕機通過更改相關的配置可以完成大田播種除草,果園翻耕施肥 噴藥抽水等農活,使農民的勞動強度大大
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ADDRESS:Sangyuan industrial park, ju xian, rizhao city, shandong province
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Postal bank account:6047 3630 1200 128489 Zhang Zuokun
Agricultural bank account:6228 4823 3028 6889711 Zhang Zuokun